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शेयर मार्केट क्या है - What is share market ।।

 Friends once again welcome to do you want to wish millions and crores of rupees.  If yes then you should know about share market.  One thing is 99% true.  That everyone wants to be rich.

शेयर मार्केट होता क्या है - What is share market

And for that people work very hard day and night.  By the way, we have already explained the rules to you by writing a post to become rich.  But apart from those rules, we are going to tell you something about which many people remain in dilemma.

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You got it right.  We are talking about share market.  Because most of the people do not know what is share market.  In such a situation, do not worry at all because in today's post, my friend Prayag Verma is going to give you such information related to the share market,

  After reading which you will understand its entire concept closely.  So without delaying a moment let's get started.  Our today's interesting post but before starting the post there is a small request.  Do share this post with your friends.

शेयर मार्केट होता क्या है - What is share market

  Whenever it comes to share market, people say first.  There is lot of risk in this.  Now if we talk about the risk, then the risk is also in driving the car.  But if you know how to drive well then you have nothing to fear.

What is stock market 

Friends, first of all we would like to tell you that there is a difference between risk and calculated rest.  How long do you take the calculated risk when you know that there is potential to be profitable?  Now how to calculate.

When should not invest in share market

  Let us explain to you.  First of all, if you are young and save a lot of money in a month, then you should stay more in the share market and if your thing is a little bigger then you should take a little less risk in the share market.

And it should also be seen that how much profit is being made where because if you are getting profit only of ₹ 5.  But if the loss is of ₹ 20, then you should not make such investment.

  Now let's also know about what the share market actually is.  Friends, every company needs money to grow.  And there are 3 ways to meet the need of money.

One in which if you have money then you invest your own money.  Second you ask a big investor to invest money in your company and thirdly public finding.

In the first and second way, the public means that we do not have any role, but in the third way we come here.  Now for public funding, the company takes money from the general public and offers it in its share market.

Which is called IPO.  That is, the initial public offer is that common people buy the shares of the company in fear of such.  And become a small shareholder of the company, so that when a company goes into profit.

So it is going to be a profit and if a company goes into loss then it will also be a loss.  For example, if the price of a company is ₹ 3000000 and if he withdraws from his lion of three lakhs, then the price of each share will be ₹ 100.

Like you buy 20 shares of it.  You will become the owner of ₹ 2000 of that company.  Now if the company grows in the future and becomes 6 crores.

So the price of your 20 shares will be 2000 to 4000.  That is, if the value of the double company decreases from three crores to 1.5 crores, then the share price between you will be 2000 to 1000.

That is, here you will have a loss.  Now people have to see here.  That on which company they invest money so that their money does not sink and they grow with the growth of the company.

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But the best thing about the share market is that you can earn money by sending your shares whenever you want.  That is, if you feel that the company is going into loss.  And your money will sink.

 So it doesn't matter.  You send your shares before the company goes into loss, so that you will get your money back.  Friends, the share price of any company increases.

When many people want to buy them and that is the law of the market.  When the demand of the market increases, along with it the price of things also increases and when there is no demand for the thing, then they are ready to sell at a lower price than the people.

Share market investment best rule

  Now we will tell you the best rule of investment.  That is, you should invest in any company then.  When you feel this company will grow a lot in the future.

As people are going to need more of its product, then you should invest in that company without thinking anything.  Because when you invest in a company then

When the price of its share is low, then you will get the benefit of further tax.  For example, people who would have invested money on Google in 2004, those people would have become very rich now.

Because Google has grown rapidly, which has no limit.  So fearlessly came into this field and earn a lot of money, although stock trading requires professional help.

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शेयर बाजार का काम कैसे सीखे?

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So guys I hope so.  That's how you will invest in SHARE MARKET towards SHARE MARKET.  You must have understood this.  So friends, that's all we go on for today.  Will see you again with a new post, till then thank you from the heart of all the people for staying till the end of our blog,

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