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Seo setting kaise kare,in english

Seo setting kaise kare, in english

Do you want to know that SEO Kaise kare in English, then you are in the right blog because today I will tell you SEO Kya Hai and SEO Kaise karte hai in Hindi.  Friends SEO is a very important thing that everyone should come to the blogger or website owner because without SEO you cannot bring more traffic and good ranking to your site.
Seo kya hai, Seo setting kaise kare
Seo kya hai,seo setting kaise kare

How to SEO many people?  There is no complete information about it and when there is not much traffic in their blog or website, then they get depressed and leave blogging.

 If you have an online business that is very fearless in the search engine like Google's traffic, then you should have complete knowledge of SEO Kaise Kare.  Otherwise you will not get very good ranking and a lot of organic traffic.

 Whichever region you are, whether you are a website owner, an online business or a blogger, you have to get maximum traffic in your blog or website.  If more visitors come to their website or blog, then they will get more traffic and will get more money.

 But it is a matter of fact that they do not have much knowledge or information about this SEO Kaise Kare and they do seo wrongly and I have seen many people who do seo in the wrong way.

 Friends, many people believe that the quality content is very juror and I also celebrate that quality content is very important but only quality content will not work.  If you want the best results, then you will have to learn SEO and have to take information about how to do seo.  If you do not know what SEO is, how SEO is done, then there is no fear to tell.

SEO Kaise kare ? SEO Kaise Karte Hai

SEO means search engine optimization and these are some techniques that you do to improve the ranking of your blog or website in Google and other search engines.

 If your blog and website will be SEO friendly then you will get very good ranking in Google and other search engines which will give you a lot of natural traffic.

 Especially if your blog or website is completely new, you can also get good traffic by starting SEO.  If you give me a best example, then you see this blog, now this blog has been only 1 year and I am not working too hard in it but still I am getting very good traffic from Google.

 Because the post I write, I do SEO very well for the post, so that post is a very good ranking husband in Google, which also gets me a lot of traffic.

 There are many website owners who buy paid traffic and spend a lot of money.  I would say not to spend your precious money because it does not convert the paid traffic and only your money is spent.

 For Hign conversion rate you have to get traffic from Google and other search engines which is very targeted and the conversation rate is also very high.

 The biggest benefit of SEO is that there is no need to spend your money to get traffic and how you can do seo with little effort and I will get you all in this post.

SEO Kaise Kare In English 

First of all, you need to know how many types of SEO are there, if you do not know then I will tell you.  There are 2 types of SEO.

 On page SEO

 Off page SEO

 Now days I understand well about type SEO, after all I have On Page SEO kya hota hai and Off Page SEO kya hai.

 1. On page SEO

 In On page SEO you apply SEO techniques to your site like navigation of your site, internal linking, keywords use, Title, meta descritption, URL structure, Content length, heading tags, loading speed etc.

 On page SEO Kaise kare

 On page SEO is very important for any site and it helps our blog or website to get good ranking.  Without on page SEO you will not get good ranking in Google.

 2. Off page SEO

 Off page SEO is what you do outside of your website or blog such as creating backlinks, directory submission, article submission, rss feed submit, guest posting, social bookmarking, social sharing etc.

 Off page SEO Kaise kare

 As much as on page SEO is important, off-page saving is also very important and if you do these two ways properly in your blog or website, then your blog or website will be fully SEO optimized and you will be very good with Google  Traffic and ranking will also be available.

 So friends, now you know that 2 types of SEO are from con-con, so now let's see how to do this.  By the way, I will write articles in both these topics on Deep, so do not panic, but in this article, you will give basic information about how to do SEO for your blog or website.

 And now I will explain to you the most important points from both types so that you can get the information of the best SEO.

Keywords Research

This is very important and you have to do keyword research properly before writing any blog post or article because by keyword research you get to know that which people do kyeword or keyword phrase in Google the most.

 You can use Google Keyword Tool or SEMrush to do Kyeword research.  Google keyword tool used to give correct information earlier but now they have changed from it and now Google keyword tool does not show the keyword traffic volume correctly.

 So I would advise you to use SEMrush tool and this tool is very good, in this you can not only do your keyword research, but you can also check the backlink of your pratidwandhi and down them.

 Semrush is a paid tool, but for basic information, you can also create a free account in it.

 I have seen many blogger who do not give much importance to keyword research and ignore it completely and this is the reason that there is not much traffic in their blog or website.  So I will request you that whenever you write a post, I must spend some time in keyword research.

 Keywords Ka Sahi Istamal

 Let's do keyword research, now you have to use those keywords in your blog posts or articles correctly.  Using keywords in the right place makes your post very SEO friendly and its ranking is also very good in Google.

 We have seen many new Hindi bloggers that they do not use keywords in a proper way and then their blog posts do not get a good ranking husband.

 And then they say that I have written a very good post but why I am not getting traffic.

 Friends, Google is a machine and it works on some rules, then we have to follow that rules only then we will be able to get more traffic and good ranking.

 You should use your main kyeword in the beginning of your article, heading me starting me, article ke URL me, kuch baar article in the end of the article.

 By doing this your blog post or article will become SEO friendly and you will get full benefits of SEO.

 Keywords Stuffing Na Kare

 Keywords stuffing means using a lot of your keywords in your articles.  Friends, this is a very bad way to do SEO and by doing this you will not be able to get a good ranking at all and there will be a lot of chance that Google does not even rank your articles.

 The new Hindi blogger from Bahut believes that the more we use keywords, the better ranking we will get, but it will not get good ranking.

 You should use your keywords in the same way as I mentioned in the previous point and do not use keywords in very large amounts.

 Google is very smart and takes the society whether you want to give good experience to the user or just and only want to improve your ranking.

 If you want a good ranking, do not do keyword stuffing at all.  If I give you an example like suppose the title of my post is "How to earn money" and if I use a lot of "How to make money" in my entire articles, will it not be good to read and not your  Neither will the readers nor Google.

 Google pays a lot of attention to user experience, so you have to use your keywords smartly and do not have to do keyword stuffing at all in your articles.

 Title tag

 The title tag is very important and carries a lot of weightage.  You have to use keywords in your title tag, only then your post will be called seo friendly.

 Make sure that the keywords in your title tag are in the starting and the title tag is not too long because Google cuts the longer title tag.

 Title tag should describe your blog post properly on which topic your blog post or article is on so that it will make it easier for Google to know which topic your blog post is on and this will give you a good ranking. SEO friendly post kaise likhe

 Alt tag

 Do you use image in your blog, if it is, then do you use alt tag properly?  If not, then you are making a big mistake because alt tag is very important to tell Google what your image is.

 As I told you that Google is a machine and it does not know what is in your image, so if you want to tell Google that there is a computer in your image, then you have to put the keyword "one computer" in your alt tag  Will happen.

 This will let Google know what your image is about and then your blog will get a good ranking.

 Do you want more traffic?  So you have to use your keywords in the alt tag of your image because in a tip I tell you that many people search the image in Google and if you have given the right alt tag to your image then your image will show in Google image search  And you will also get more traffic.

 Many new bloggers make this mistake, but now you know, then whenever you insert an image in your blog, always use the alt tag. Image optimization kaise kare

 Internel linking

 Internal linking is also very important, such as if you wrote a blog post or article, then you will have to make your new article internal linking with your old articles.  This is very useful through SEO and your blog post will get a very good ranking.

 But keep one thing in dhayn that you have to do it correctly because if you don't do it properly then you will not get any benefit from it.

 Suppose you are writing a post like "SEO Kaise karte Hai", then you have to do internal linking to your other articles related to SEO and not any other post.

 By doing this, the ranking of your old posts will be good in Google and at the same time your new article will also rank well because you are paying more attention in the user experience and trying to give more information to your readers.

 This thing is very good for Google and no one will hesitate to give good ranking to your articles internal link use kaise kare

URL ki banawat

 It is not very important but it is also very important that you keep the URL of your articles SEO friendly and do not do keyword stuffing.

 I have seen many bloggers who make the URLs of their articles too long, trying to use all the keywords from it.

 Google does not like this and this is the wrong way to do SEO, you have to shorten the URL of your article and use keywords in the article.

 Make sure your URL has only 5 to 6 words, it is right through SEO and Google also recognizes it.

As much as the image is important, the video also, it makes your article even more SEO friendly and you get very good ranking in Google.

 Make sure that if you are writing in a topic and you have a video related to that topic, then definitely put it in your article, it is very beneficial.


 Use the tags of the Aapne article correctly and use keywords in it.  Remember that use tags in the right way, though it is not much useful through SEO, but you can use it.

 Try to use as many as 3 to 4 tags, if you use too many tags, then spamming will count and you will not get a good ranking.

 So friends, this was SEO Kaise kare in Hindi I hope you will like this post and please share this article with those new Hindi bloggers who do not know how to do SEO and how to do SEO.

 My aim with this blog is that I can sikha blogging and SEO to maximum people so that they too can earn good money from their blog and become a successful blogger.  Friends, you have to help and support each other, but if we help others as much as God will help us.

 If you have to ask me anything about SEO, then feel free to ask through the comment and I will give you complete help and information.  You can share this post in Fasbook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google Plus and help other new English bloggers.  Thanks you

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