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Mobile se virus kaise hataye?New trick 2020

Mobile me Virus kaise hataye If you want to know if there is a virus in my phone and how to remove that virus then you remain with us.  Today I have brought you complete information about phone se virus kaise hataye

Today, everyone has a mobile phone and everyone wants that I do not have any virus in my mobile.  Because android phone i virus, the phone starts to heng which causes our phone to work slowly.  If you want to avoid this, then you have to follow the steps I have mentioned.

Mobile se  virus kaise Hataye 

If you are working slow and you want to make your mobile fast, then first of all you have to find that your mobile virus is running slow or there is some other problem.  Because at times our mobile phone space stops, mobile fast stops working.

 Friends, if you want to know about mobile me virus kaise delete kare, then let me tell you.  If you use any app of mobile se virus hatane, then you have just deleted it from mobile because there is no such app with the help of which the virus can be removed.

 If you talk about YouTube videos, then you will get thousands of videos which will tell how to remove the mobile virus, but all videos are thrown and all videos are made in the view of the viewer.

 First of all, let me tell you that there is no virus in the mobile and even if it is, the mobile phone removes it.  If you want to delete your mobile virus by installing an app, then you will get thousands of apps but all the apps are fake.  I trayed by jumping.

 If your phone works slow and you want to fast mobile then you should do this work.

Mobile ki storage badhaye 

By increasing the storage of mobile, your phone starts working somewhat faster, for this you have to go to my files of the phone and then go to internal storage me and move all videos, image, files to SD card me.  Or to delete the file without working.  With this, your phone will start working fast.  If it still does not, then you have to follow the second step.

App ki  data clear Kare 

If your mobile is not fast at all, then you must clear all the data of the app once, so that the phone will be spped 2x.  For this you have to go to mobile settings me and then in app setting.

 Mobile> settings

 App> settings

 Click on data clear.
 Remember, do not do all these applications like payment, Google pay, Phone pe if you clear its data then you will have to create an account on it again.  If you remember Id password then you can.

Phone me jayeda app use Na Kare 

If you have a non-working app in your mobile, then you delete it immediately, this impacts your phone ram, which makes our phone work slower.
 And your phone is more MB app and it is useful, then you can use it and uninstall it and when you have to use it, you can install it.
 Do not use too much app at once, only one app use Kare, your phone will work.
 Friends, in this way we can increase the spped of your phone and make the phone fast.  I hope that you have got good information about Mobile virus kaise hataye, if you have any other question in mind, you can ask us.
new Delhi.  If the virus comes in the mobile phone / smartphone, then factory resetting the phone remains the only option to remove it.  But by doing so, all the data in the handset is deleted.  They include many things including photos, games, music, messages, the user may have to suffer loss due to losing it.  In such a situation, we are telling you the tricks through which the phone can be protected from viruses even without factory reset.  For this, you have to follow the steps given below-

 1. Turn on safe mode
 Most of all, turn your smartphone on to Safe Mode.  For this, first power off the phone.  After this, press the power key and hold it.  Release the power key as soon as the name of the phone starts appearing on the screen.  Immediately press the volume down key.  Hold the volume down key until the device restarts.  After doing this, the watermark of safe mode will appear on the left side of the phone.

 2. Go to phone settings-
 After the smartphone is activated in safe mode, go to the phone's settings-apps-download.  After this, go to the download and check the apps.  In this list, if you see an app that you have not downloaded, then it can be a virus.
 3. Delete virus in this way
 Tap on the suspicious app appearing in the mobile phone.  Then tap on the uninstall option.  After that reboot the phone.  After doing this, safe mode will not be required.

 4. Do not delete the virus

 If even after downloading the above steps, the suspicious app is not deleted from the download, then go to Settings and go to Security-Device Administration and deactivate the app.  After that go to Settings-Apps-Downloaded and uninstall that app.

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