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Pubji game se paise kaise kamaye? Puri jankari

Pubji se paise kaise kamaye

Friends, you play pubji game. But you do not know that even those who play pubji are earning paise by playing pubji game.
 If you play pubji game. And you are not able to earn paise. With pubji, then you should read this post carefully.  Earn from a pubji game.
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Pubji game se paise kaise kamaye
Pubji game se paise kaise kamaye

Friends, in this article today, we are going to see how to earn paise from pubji game?  What are the things to be done to earn paise from pubji game and how you can become a pro player.  Today we are going to give its complete guideline pubji game, so everybody plays.

 For their entertainment, but there are some people who along with entertainment can make pubji gameing as their carrer. Many people have made a career out of pubji game, many people are good because of this pubji game.  Earning considerable paise

 If you also want to earn paise from pubji game, then you must have complete knowledge about free fire game. You must have seen how the live stream that you play on you tube is playing the game.

 If you also want to earn paise with the help of this pubji game and want to become a pro player then definitely read this artical so that you can get complete information!

Pubji game खेलकर paise कैसे कमाए

Today we are going to tell you two ways of pubji game se paise kaise kamaye, due to which you can earn paise from pubji game and can also make it your career. This is the most popular way to earn paise by playing pubji game,  You can earn lakho rupees from Madat.

 You must have seen at many places pubji game se paise kaise kamaye but you must have been told fake ways every time but we are going to tell you the real ways to earn paise from pubji game.  If you follow these methods step by step,
 then you will understand how to earn paise from pubji.

 Pubji LIVE STREAM कैसे करे

First of all, you have to download an application called Playstore called YT GAMING

 After that fill all your information

 You have to sign up from the channel you are going to live streaming

 After signing up, you will see an icon like this, you have to click on it.

 After clicking, you will come across two options: Record and click on Live Your Live

 After that you will get tips to next

 All your games will come, you have to select PUBJI.

 Then you have to add titles and descriptions and next

 After that your live streaming will begin


Friends, if you also play PUBJI games well then this is a great way to earn money along with entertainment, you can earn good money by playing tournaments, you are also earning money by playing many pro player games.  You can earn money from Madat, you have to go to starwar.in website and download the App.
star war app इस्तेमाल कैसे करते है ?

First download this app from the link.

 Then install the app and open it

 After opening, you will see three options below, one rupee one game profile

 You have to click on the game option

 Many games will come before you, you have to select PUBJI

 After selecting, there will be four options at the top, one of an all for a single duo and one of a squad.

 The kind of match you want to play, you have to select and refresh

 After that the matches will come in front of you with different entry fees and different prizes.

 You have to select one match and join.

 To pay fees, you need to withdraw some money.

 After that you can win money by playing matches

 Friends, in this way you can earn money by playing Pubji tournament, if you do not have money to fill the entry fee, then you can also earn money by referring and you can fill those money as an entry fee, you will get money for that. 

You have to click on the option and refer this app to your friends. If someone downloads that app from your given link, you will get money instead!

अंतिम शब्द

So friends, how did you earn from Pubji?  And Pubji game guide in English, if you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends so that he can also join you in the tournament and earn money, if you have any problem related to this article, then by commenting us  Can ask thank you

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